Our commitment to clients

Our mission is to deliver exceptional and predictable investment results through disciplined execution of our investment process and to build meaningful long-term client relationships that are earned through transparency, personal attention and trust.  We invest alongside our clients and view our clients as  partners.

Ranger Investments is an independent, employee owned institutional investment boutique based in Dallas, TX. We specialize in U.S. Small and Micro Cap strategies and have since 2003.

Investment Philosophy

We invest in high quality, growing businesses at compelling valuations

Philosophy Venn Responsive

Ranger Investments’ sustainability assessment is a proprietary risk management tool that analyzes the Fund’s holdings on relevant Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria. Volatility refers to the dispersion of a security’s trading prices series over time. Return on equity (ROE) is a measure of financial performance calculated by dividing net income by shareholders’ equity. Return on invested capital (ROIC) is the amount of money a company makes that is above the average cost it pays for its debt and equity capital.

Investment Process

Disciplined execution of our process is critical to driving alpha

Alpha is the incremental return of a manager when the market is stationary. In other words, it is the extra return due to non-market factors. This risk-adjusted factor takes into account both the performance of the market as a whole and the volatility of the manager.

Risk management

Proprietary Risk Management Tools – Discipline and process can help mitigate human bias

Long Manager


Suspect List


Earnings Quality Report


ESG Integration

Ranger Investments is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI), which commits us to PRI’s six principles.  Broadly speaking, these principles commit us to formally integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment process, and to serve as “active owners” of our portfolio companies, as it relates to ESG issues. Ranger formally reports progress for ESG integration and active ownership annually to the PRI, who scores asset managers across three broad categories, listed below: 

Sustainability Assessment
UN PRI Scores

Our Team

Here at Ranger Investments, we have an exceptional team of people with experience across all aspects of the investment management business. From our seasoned  investment professionals to client service, marketing and operational business support, we collaborate to responsibly deliver performance and service and build upon the trusted relationships we have with our clients.

Investment Professionals

Conrad Doenges

CIO & Portfolio Manager

Years at Ranger: 17
Years Experience: 33

Andrew Hill

President & Portfolio Manager

Years at Ranger: 18
Years Experience: 26

Joseph LaBate

Managing Director &
Portfolio Manager

Years at Ranger: 18
Years Experience: 26

Brown McCullough

Director & Sector Manager

Years at Ranger: 7
Years Experience: 19

Kevin Zhu

Senior Analyst

Years at Ranger: 1
Years Experience: 10

Devin Holland


Years at Ranger: 7
Years Experience: 7

Jeff Dalton

Manager of Sustainable Investing & Risk Analysis

Years at Ranger: 1
Years Experience: 23

Brian Busby

Head Trader

Years at Ranger: 19
Years Experience: 19

Soham Dhar

Associate Trader

Years at Ranger: <1
Years Experience: <1

Chelsea Ballard

Executive Assistant

Years at Ranger: 12
Years Experience: 20

Client Relations

Our Client Relations Team is committed to building long-term relationships through consistent meaningful communications, transparency and personal attention.

Marta Cotton

Head of Marketing & Client Relations

Years at Ranger: 1
Years Experience: 29

Shelby Riggs

Senior Associate

Years at Ranger: 4
Years Experience: 4

Compliance & Operations

Dana Ousley

Chief Financial Officer

Years at Ranger: 14
Years Experience: 24

Melanie Mendoza

Chief Compliance Officer

Years at Ranger: <1
Years Experience: 36

Sylvie Millette

Accounting Manager

Years at Ranger: 18
Years Experience: 32

Matthew Wade

Operations Manager

Years at Ranger: 12
Years Experience: 12

George Thomas

Operations Analyst

Years at Ranger: 5
Years Experience: 16

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